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 Gum Disease: Does Your Toothpaste Have This Ingredient? (Watch Video)

best mineral for tooth restoration

Every American must see this urgent video!

Oregon State University scientists have recently made a shocking discovery about the toothpastes you are likely using

These 95% of the toothpastes on the market contain a toxic substance that is used to increase the shelf life of products. But this ingredient also includes a disturbing side effect that manufacturers don’t want you to know...

Eventual, irreversible tooth decay and gum disease!

Learn about the toothpastes that contain this ingredient and why its so bad for you, and the latest research on the soft, natural mineral (not calcium!) proven to make strong teeth and gums, a winning smile, and overall great health.

>>Discover the Toxic Toothpastes to Avoid & The "Miracle Mineral" Dental Hack the "Go-to" for Vital Health


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