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Philips AVENT Baby Bottle Warmer Review 2017

So imagine a time when you are rushing against time. But you have to warm your baby food or milk. What should you do? Wait and miss the schedule?
No more waiting. Because, there is Philips AVENT Baby Bottle Warmer.

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About Philips AVENT Baby Bottle Warmer


Philips AVENT Baby Bottle Warmer is a baby bottle warmer by the renowned company Philips.
For some users this is the best baby bottle warmer. So here I’m going to discuss why.

Philips AVENT Baby Bottle Warmer can warm your milk very quickly that you cannot imagine.  Yes, that is only in 3 minutes.
Moreover, you can operate this quite easily.  Also it has a feature that is called handy defrost setting and you can use it for warming baby food.
You can say oh that may be another regular bottle warmer but I’m going to tell no. Because, Philips AVENT Baby Bottle Warmer has some “Unique features”. Let’s see what are those features.


  • Warms more quickly:
    This feature has made this bottle warmer the fastest in the town. This bottle warmer can warm about 150ml/5oz of milk within only 3 minutes.
  • Warms rapidly and lightly:
    This bottle warmer can warm rapidly as well as lightly. It circulates the milk constantly as it gets warm, more over spots due to heat are also not occurred.
  • Gentle Defrosting setting:
    This bottle warmer has a handy defrosting system. This defrosting system is way more safer than defrosting in microwaves. It is more suitable than using regular water. So, now if you want to defrost the frozen milk or baby food , you just have to select the setting to defrost and it will be liquid in minutes.
  • Warms Baby Food:
    One of the great feature of this bottle warmer is that, you can use this bottle warmer to warm baby food. That is one great unique feature.

Some More Advantages


Just, when you will think, that is all the good things it gets. This machine will surprise you.
So here are some more advantages-

  • Companionable with Philips Avent Bottles and containers:
    This bottle warmer is completely well matched with all Philips AVENT bottles and containers. So, you can use it to warm bottles and baby food containers appropriately.

Easy operating and useful warming manual:
         You can operate the baby bottle warmer by simply turning the knob to switch on. After that you have to select the settings to warm. Here is a helpful thing for you that this bottle warmer comes with warming orientation table. Now, you can find out very easily how much time the warming process will take.

So are we convinced???
After all this features we have shown. We can come to that decision that Philips AVENT Baby Bottle Warmer is the best baby bottle warmer.

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