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Dr. Brown’s Baby Bottle Warmer Review 2017

Why you will LOVE Dr. Brown’s Baby Bottle Warmer??
Well Dr. Brown’s bottle warmer is renowned for its efficiency, quick and simple functioning and eccentric technology. It reduces your day to day hassle of setting temperature by its memory functioning feature. Isn’t it great???
Do not decide too fast. At first look at the short brief of this baby bottle warmer.

Dr. Brown’s Baby Bottle Warmer Review 2017

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About Dr. Brown’s Baby Bottle Warmer

Dr. Brown’s Baby Bottle Warmer is one of the best baby bottle warmer. It has a medium range of price. It is a fast heating machine made from plastic. It weighs 1.6 pounds. It has a dimension of 7 x 5.5 x 11.5 inches. The water container fills up a lot of water, reducing the continuous need to refill it. As a result it preserves time and energy. The intelligent design of the bottle warmer with a lid supports to ease a quicker heating as the stream is stuck inside the compartment. In this manner, water will not vaporize much, facilitating you save time to add fresh water repeatedly. It features memory functions, this function permit users to save their chosen time. Dr. Brown’s Baby Bottle Warmer has a use-friendly LCD panel. It also has a sound alarm which alert user when the warming is completed.
It does not need any Consecutive Warming Wait Time. It has prorated reduction of heating cycle in 15 minutes. It has origin of manufacture in China.
As usual you are thinking, “Yes many of the features can be found in other baby bottle warmer”. Well, let’s discuss the unique features.




  • Electronic Timer with Memory:
           Brown’s Baby Bottle Warmer has a countdown timer, exactly like a microwave oven. Now you can easily know how much time you need to warm the milk. This will end up all of your stresses when you are busy dealing with your crying baby. It also features a Memory Attached Warming Chart. Now, you can prefer time for heating as you wish. Because it saves the data in its memory for upcoming use.


  • LCD Control Panel
    It features a LCD Control Panel which is very easy to use. Moreover, LCD panel will light up at night. It can also start out an alarm when it reaches at the temperature you prefer.
  • Quick and multiple warming with one refill:
    This bottle warmer can warm rapidly as well as lightly. It can warm breast milk or baby food within minutes. It uses steam heat which warms several bottles. You can do this several times before the water chamber needs to be fill up again.
  • Auto shut-off feature for safety:
    It features an Auto shut-off system. It automatically shuts off after 10 minutes. Now, you can easily tell when the warming is done, by looking at the light turning off. Now you have one less thing to remember with this auto shut-off feature.
  • Adjustable basket:
    It features an Adjustable basket. You can easily warm food jars using the basket. Moreover, it can accommodate different sized bottles

Some More Advantages

The unique features are enough to satisfy you, that we are sure. But these features are not everything it has got. It has some additional advantages.

So here are some more advantages-

  • Cost
    For one filled with so variety of features, it has an amusing, reachable price.
  • Compatibility
    It has a capacious interior. This interior offers suitable room to place jars and bottles with different size and variety.

So can you decide NOW???

After all this unique features and additional advantages we have shown, we can say you will love this baby bottle warmer. It is almost certain that you will choose Dr. Brown’s Baby Bottle Warmer as one of the best baby bottle warmer.

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